About SightLife

SightLife is a non-profit global health organization focused on eliminating corneal blindness, 98% of which is in developing countries. Our efforts focus on activating awareness and prevention, building transplant capability and improving patient outcomes.


In the US, our domestic eye bank operations focus on tissue recovery facilitation that educates and counsels grieving families and works closely with hospitals and other donation partners to offer as many families as possible the opportunity to give the gift of sight. Globally, we provide grants, training, certification and consulting, free of charge, in the areas of policy & advocacy, awareness, prevention, partnerships, eye banking, surgeon training and follow up care. Our goal is creating sustainable ecosystems that ensure no one must wait for a sight restoring surgery.

SightLife formed CorneaGen in 2016 to power and accelerate achievement of the mission to eliminate corneal blindness worldwide by 2040.  SightLife is the majority equity holder of CorneaGen. The organizations operate independently with separate leadership, staff and boards of directors, but share a mission to eliminate corneal blindness by 2040.
To learn more, visit the SightLife website