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CorneaGen works hard to ensure we deliver the highest quality tissue, products and services to surgeons and their patients while meeting Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) and FDA standards.  Below, get quick access to important policy, standards and regulatory information

Reimbursement Assistance

If you need assistance with reimbursement, CorneaGen is pleased to provide reimbursement consulting to help guide you in billing corneal tissue to your local Medicare carrier and other commercial insurance carriers. 
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Tissue Services

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of corneal transplant tissue, processed to the exacting standards set by the FDA and the Eye Bank Association of America.

We regularly handle more corneas than any other U.S. eye bank. CorneaGen technicians have processed more than 45,000 corneas.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories provide the most innovative and advanced processing methods available, seven days a week. So you can be assured that the tissue you order is delivered promptly and meets your precise expectations. 
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Tissue Shipping Standards

CorneaGen strictly adheres to safe shipping standards for local, national and international corneal tissue orders.

This starts with ensuring that tissue is packed appropriately in a container that maintains cooling for the duration of the shipment. The containers we use are inexpensive, but effective for transporting tissue to and from eye banks, surgeons and surgery centers. 

We performed a study to validate our tissue shipping methods. Access the full report published in Cornea: The Journal of Cornea and External Disease, or read the abstract.

We ship tissue to arrive on the day you request delivery. Please order tissue at least seven days in advance of the scheduled surgery. Learn more on the Order Tissue page. 

Questions? Contact our Clinical Operations Team at, or (877) 682-8502. Please expect a response to email within 24 hours.

Adverse Reaction Reporting

We request your cooperation in reporting any complications that occur in your recipients so that we may comply with EBAA and FDA regulations.  

Please fill out the Adverse Reaction Report (PDF) and Adverse Reaction Questionnaire (PDF) forms, then email to, or fax to (206) 838-4609.  

Questions? Please contact our Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Department at (877) 682-8502.

Regulatory Information

CorneaGen is committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality and service in our eye banks and tissue processing locations.

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