CorneaGen and KeraLink Join Forces to Eliminate Corneal Blindness Worldwide
CorneaGen and KeraLink International, a global leader in corneal transplantation services, supplies and grafts for transplant, have reached an agreement for CorneaGen to acquire KeraLink’s domestic eye bank operations and related assets. CorneaGen will absorb all of KeraLink’s operating locations, enter into affiliate agreements with KeraLink’s affiliates in New Mexico and San Antonio, and employ most, if not all, of KeraLink’s operations personnel at their current locations.
KeraLink will continue to operate as an independent, non-profit entity focused on reversing corneal blindness in the developing world, where 98% of those affected live. This transaction will infuse additional resources into KeraLink’s international initiatives. KeraLink’s five-year goal is to restore sight to 50,000 people with corneal blindness for whom treatment is currently unavailable or unaffordable; most of them are children and young adults.
Through the acquisition, CorneaGen will gain efficiencies of scale in reaching the U.S. market, including the ability to serve an additional eight percent of domestic corneal surgeons and expand its offering of surgical products. The acquisition also brings new partnerships with academia and industry, which will increase CorneaGen’s access to important discoveries in the treatment and prevention of corneal disease.
The consolidation of CorneaGen’s and KeraLink’s eye bank operations will grow the pools of tissue and talent, improving access for surgeons and patients across America. Efficiencies gained through the larger organization are also expected to free up resources to pursue research and innovation.
While this effort is underway to shift KeraLink’s U.S. eye banking operations to CorneaGen, effective March 1, KeraLink will continue to serve surgeons and patients with the same level of commitment and partnership their clients have come to expect. Please feel free to contact for more information.