Partner With Us
We believe that partnerships are critical to achieve our mission by 2040 and transforming how corneal surgeons treat and care for the cornea. It's through our partnerships we'll achieve the greatest impact — we can't do it alone. We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. From research partners to each of you and your patients, we are striving to listen, learn and lead.
Let's Innovate Together
Through partnerships, investments and education, CorneaGen drives research and development of scalable therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of corneal disease. There are potential ideas and technologies waiting to emerge, with surgeons who need a partner and resources to bring their innovations to life. We envision transforming the corneal ecosystem to move ideas from the bench to the bedside quicker allowing physicians access to the best corneal treatments for their patients.

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Meet Our Partners
CorneaGen has the pleasure of partnering with innovative surgeons, institutions, and industry peers who share our commitment to transforming how corneal surgeons treat and care for the cornea.


Supported by a community of experts, we are exploring transformative solutions to expedite innovation for corneal diseases. We have formed a Medical Advisory Board, consisting of distinguished ophthalmologists to help guide the organization’s commitment to medical advancement in corneal therapeutics.