Corneal Tissue Reimbursement

Presented by Sara Rapuano, M.B.A., COE, OCS

In this webinar Sara Rapuano, COO for the Wills Eye clinical practice, will show you how you can get the full reimbursement your practice is entitled to!

✓ Review the three most common types of contracts that govern corneal transplants.
✓ Learn about how to calculate “carve outs”.
✓ Arm yourself with the strategy to help you win at negotiating.


Meet the Presenter: 

Sara Rapuano, M.B.A., COE, OCS

Ms. Rapuano’s healthcare experience includes management of various ophthalmology group practices, urology group practices, and ambulatory surgery centers. For the last three years she has been the Chief Operating Officer for the Wills Eye Clinical Practice.

In addition to handling day-to-day financial and operational management issues, she has experience with implementation of practice management software, electronic health records, medical coding and compliance matters, privacy regulations, third-party payer requirements, mergers of medical practices, and contracting for teaching services with hospitals.

She has lectured both locally and at national ophthalmology and Eye Bank Association meetings on operational and coding issues. Her strength is in observing and analyzing a healthcare business challenge and determining how to implement the necessary changes efficiently and effectively.