Medical Advancement
We’re committed to leading research efforts and developing new technologies for innovative and affordable therapeutics that will transform cornea care. CorneaGen drives research and development of scalable therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of corneal disease through partnerships, investments and education.

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Promising Innovations
To have the greatest impact, we’re committed to leading research that helps us identify the most pressing needs and challenge the status quo of treatment for corneal disease.

Below are a few of our efforts currently underway:

Advancing corneal therapies. Injectable Endothelial Cell Therapy, in development by Professor Shigeru Kinoshita, is a great example of a promising innovation. Dr. Kinoshita and his team of partners are culturing human corneal endothelial cells and injecting them into the anterior chamber.
Increasing the safety of tissue transplanted. We are researching methods for providing additives to the solutions in which corneas are placed in order to remove organisms that could cause disease.

Watch for updates as we continue our efforts to advance cornea treatments.

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