Prevention and Treatment
To eliminate corneal blindness by 2040, innovation must evolve beyond improving corneal transplant technologies. We believe it’s just as critical to significantly increase prevention and early treatment, as it is to increase corneal transplants. 
Great Need Calls for Greater Impact
CorneaGen has the resources to approach eliminating corneal blindness from a different angle – prevention.  

This is a new area of focus for us and for the cornea ecosystem that will require time and research to explore potential solutions. We are committed to investing concentrated energy into the development of prevention and early treatment solutions that aren’t widely available today in order to bring the joy of sight to those living with corneal blindness – and ultimately reduce the demand for corneal tissue.
Our first step is to understand through research all of the factors involved in causing corneal blindness worldwide.
No other organization has studied the whole cornea ecosystem, identified where the need is greatest, and where it’s possible to make the greatest impact. 

CorneaGen, in collaboration with our partners, are now investing together in this journey to develop and implement a plan that goes beyond conventional approaches.

Watch for updates on our progress and contact us if you have questions.