Our Innovative Cornea Care Products
We're committed to innovating the next generation of cornea care, from new medical devices and biologics to therapeutics and interventions.

We develop new products and services to help corneal surgeons provide the best possible outcomes for their patients.

We’ve expanded our offering to include: the Geuder Glass Cannula for DMEK, Donor Trephine Punches, Recipient Vacuum Trephines, Nano-Thin Tissue for DMEK and Intacs for Keratoconus

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Driving Medical Advancement
We’re committed to leading research efforts and developing new technologies for innovative and affordable therapeutics that will transform cornea care. CorneaGen drives research and development of scalable therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of corneal disease through partnerships, investments and education.
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The EndoSerter® is a sterile, single-use disposable instrument used in DSEK procedures. Its innovative design provides a controlled method of delivering and positioning the donor endothelial allograft into the anterior chamber of the eye during endothelial replacement surgery. Irrigation may be introduced through the device, eliminating the need for a separate chamber maintainer.

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Geuder Glass Cannula for DMEK
CorneaGen presents the Geuder Glass Cannula for Descemet's Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK) procedures.
  • Gentle
  • Smooth
  • Atraumatic
Easy to Load
Large rounded opening of the cannula allowed for simple and easy loading of the graft.

2.5 mm Incision
Small incision size allows for gentle and controlled injection into anterior chamber.

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Geuder Pre-Loaded Glass Cannula for DMEK
The Geuder Pre-Loaded Glass Cannula for DMEK is a single-use transportation cartridge system, pre‑loaded with DMEK tissue and ready to insert.  
  • DMEK allograft is prepared to specified diameter, pre-punched, stained and with an s-stamp.
  • Simplifies the DMEK surgical procedure.
  • Consistent incision size for gentle and controlled injection into the anterior chamber.
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Intacs® Corneal Implants are an ophthalmic medical device designed for the reduction or elimination of myopia and astigmatism in patients with keratoconus so that their functional vision may be restored and the need for a corneal transplant procedure can potentially be deferred. When placed in the corneal stroma, outside of the patient’s central optical zone, the product reduces the cone by flattening the cornea.

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Recipient Vacuum Trephine


  • Ultra-sharp blade allows for a more vertical cut with reduced undercut
  • Industry-leading crosshairs designed using military sighting technology enable outstanding positioning and centration
  • All-metal housing provides complete cut control
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Donor Trephine Punch


Ultra-thin, ultra-sharp blade to minimize undercut.

High-visibility guide allows full visualization throughout the process to help accurately center and reposition cornea.

Anatomically-correct bowl allows cornea to center and stay in positions, and finger grips allow for a stable base.

Available with or without vacuum

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Cornea Care Services
CorneaGen is delivering the highest-quality tissue with the most advanced processing techniques, including Nano Thin Tissue for DMEK and the Pre-Loaded Geuder Glass Cannula for DMEK. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of corneal transplant tissue, processed to the exact standards as requested by surgeons and within regulations established by the FDA and the Eye Bank Association of America.
We are committed to honoring each donor’s gift, CorneaGen provides precise processing, preparation and distribution of tissue for corneal surgeries, education and research.

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