Reimbursement and Policy
At CorneaGen, we are advocates for you and your patients. We're committed to removing systemic barriers that limit patients' access to care and surgeons' ability to provide the best corneal treatments to their patients.
Reforming Reimbursement Policies 
We’re continuing to tackle payment paradigms for corneal tissue reimbursements that are forcing surgeons to provide fewer corneal transplants than they have in the past. 
To ensure patients have access to a high standard of care, CorneaGen analyzed trends in Medicare insurance claims data and found that 45 percent of the time hospital outpatient departments did not submit any charge to Medicare for corneal tissue. Failure to claim Medicare reimbursement can lead hospitals to conclude that corneal transplant procedures are not cost effective, distorting the total costs of corneal graft procedures and causing them to limit corneal surgeries.
We’re leading the way in working with payers, national associations and healthcare policy makers to develop accessible and affordable solutions for corneal transplant procedures.

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How to Get Reimbursement and Medical Claims Assistance
If you need assistance with reimbursement of corneal tissue, CorneaGen is pleased to provide its customers with reimbursement and medical claims assistance to help guide you in billing corneal tissue to your local Medicare carrier and other commercial insurance carriers.

Consultation services. You can receive reimbursement consultation services free of charge, through NMD HealthCare consulting. NMD is fully prepared to receive and respond to all of CorneaGen’s customers’ coding, coverage and reimbursement inquires.

Please reach out to your CorneaGen Surgical Product Specialists so that they can connect you with a NMD representative. For more information on NMD, visit their website.

Tissue processing code and billing primer. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) treats eye bank tissue processing fees for keratoplasty as a "pass through" expense paid at the invoice price for the transplant facility using HCPCS code V2785. Please download the Corneal Tissue Processing and Acquisition Billing Primer for more information.