Discover the DMEK Difference with Geuder Pre-Loaded Glass Cannula
(2019 AAO Demo)

Presented By: James Lehmann, M.D.

CorneaGen invites you to view Dr. James Lehmann’s 2019 AAO booth presentation on his experiences with DMEK with the Geuder Pre-Loaded Glass Cannula. He shares:



How to properly prepare the Geuder Pre-Loaded Glass Cannula for surgery

✓ Live demonstration of how to insert and unfold tissue graft
✓ Unfolding the graft with a small air bubble beneath the tissue 
✓ Live Q&A from the audience


Presenter: James Lehmann, M.D.

James Lehmann, M.D. is in private practice in San Antonio, TX.  He specializes in cataract, cornea, and refractive surgery and is adjunct faculty at UT Health San Antonio.  Dr. Lehmann completed his residency and fellowship at UT Southwestern in Dallas and is a former staff ophthalmologist with ORBIS.