"Grip and Rip" ALK

Presented by Mark C. Vital, M.D.

ALK can be a challenging procedure that can be time intensive and frustrating. Join us as Mark C. Vital, M.D. shows you his innovative “Grip and Rip” technique that he uses in preparation of the procedure. This webinar will allow surgeons more insight into a new and different method which may provide better overall results.


Meet the Presenter: Mark C. Vital, M.D.
Mark C. Vital, M.D. is a board-certified ophthalmologist with Houston Eye Associates, serving Houston and the surrounding areas in Texas. His specialties are Anterior Segment, Cataract, and Cornea & External Disease and he is experienced in treating complex ocular issues such as infections, trauma, corneal dystrophies, corneal scars, pterygia, cataracts and other anterior segment problems.