Think Outside the Cone: A Refractive Approach to Keratoconus 

Presented By: Arun C. Gulani, M.D., M.S. and Eris Jordan, D.O.

In this webinar, world-renowned LASIK, Cataract, and Corneal surgeon, Arun C. Gulani, M.D., M.S, will discuss his refractive approach to vision correction in Keratoconus. He shares:



Full spectrum Kerato-Lenticulo-Refractive approach to your keratoconic patients

✓ Where ICIs (Intacs Corneal Implants) fall in the treatment spectrum
✓ Stabilizing the cornea before and after ocular surgery to optimize vision outcomes
✓ Keratoconus case study discussions



Case Studies 

Corneal Ectasia with 23.5D Irregular Astigmatism reduced to 1.4D.

Corneal Ectasia with 10D Irregular Astigmatism reduced to 0.1D.

Presenter: Arun C. Gulani, M.D., M.S.

Dr. Arun C. Gulani is a world renowned eye surgeon, award-winning inventor, author and international teacher, whose pioneering surgical techniques and innovative concepts draw patients and eye surgeons from all over the world.

For over two decades, his “Think Outside the Cone” concept encourages eye doctors of all categories to change their mindset in taking Keratoconus patients straight to vision using single or staged surgeries, custom-designed for safe and stable visual freedom.