From Crisis to Calm: Managing Unexpected Complications During Corneal Surgery

June 9, 2023

In From Crisis to Calm, Dr. Anthony Aldave covers complications he has encountered in PK, DALK, DMEK and DSEK procedures. Dr. Aldave walks through surgical footage of each complication, explaining the steps he took to remain calm under crisis.

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Innovations in DALK

September 27, 2019

Watch Dr. Vincenzo Sarnicola’s 2019 ASCRS surgical demonstration as he shares his unique and innovative techniques for DALK surgery.

In this demonstration, Dr. Sarnicola will:

  • Compare DALK vs PK
  • Cover the history of DALK innovations
  • Introduce the ‘Peeling Off’ technique
  • Perform a live demonstration of the DALK Procedure

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