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We are the largest provider of corneal tissue for transplant in the world. CorneaGen’s skilled technicians have processed more than 45,000 corneas and we offer a comprehensive selection of the highest quality tissue.


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From the innovative Nano-Thin™ Tissue for DSEK and the Pre-Loaded Geuder Glass Cannula for DMEK, we are committed to developing and bringing products to the market that are designed to help surgeons provide the best possible outcomes for their patients.
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Millions of people around the world struggle to live with corneal blindness—the loss of sight caused by damage to the surface of the eye.

Our mission is to serve as a global leader and partner to eliminate corneal blindness worldwide by 2040. 

Join us and our partners in the fight to restore sight to those living in darkness.

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View our catalog of cornea care products and services, from precision-cut corneal transplant tissue, to our products that are designed to help surgeons provide the best possible outcomes for their patients, to our reimbursement assistance and surgeon training.

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CorneaGen's Education Webinar series supports our mission by allowing us to share insights from leading surgeons or experts in their fields so that others can learn from their successes and experiences. 

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Headquartered in Seattle, WA and with offices in California and the Northeast and Southeast U.S., CorneaGen provides an engaging, purpose-filled work environment where you'll find opportunities for both personal and professional growth.
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Introducing CorneaGen
Over the past two years, our company has evolved from a singular focus on corneal blindness to involvement in the entire cornea ecosystem, focusing on products and services that transform how corneal surgeons treat and care for the cornea. As part of this evolution, we have changed our name from SightLife Surgical to CorneaGen. 
How to Get Reimbursement Assistance
CorneaGen is pleased to provide its customers with reimbursement consulting to help guide you in billing corneal tissue to your local Medicare carrier and other commercial insurance carriers.