VisionGraft and its Applications Beyond Tube Shunt Coverage

April 1, 2022

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Grip and Rip ALK: An Innovative Approach

December 13, 2021

Do you find ALK to be a challenging procedure that can be time intensive and frustrating?

In this webinar Mark Vital, M.D. shows you his innovative “Grip and Rip” technique that he uses in preparation of the procedure. A must-see-to-believe technique, “Grip and Rip” will simplify prepping of the recipient for transplant and provide you with a smooth interface for the donor tissue. The webinar presents insight into a new and different method which may deliver better overall results.

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Part 3 – Advanced DMEK: Complicated Cases – A Roundtable Discussion

November 2, 2021

Dr. Nicole Fram, Dr. Terry Kim and Dr. Elizabeth Yeu are back with a fresh batch of complicated cases. Join us as they analyze and discuss each case, sharing the pearls they learned along the way.

In this webinar, you will be able to:

  • See real-life DMEK complex-eye cases as narrated by our expert surgeon panelists
  • Learn about what you should consider before attempting to proceed with a complicated eye for DMEK

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VisionGraft: A Discussion on Using a Premium Patch Graft

October 27, 2021

Join Dr. Joseph Panarelli and special guest Dr. Davinder Grover for a webinar that dives into the question, does the type of patch graft make a difference? After a clinical presentation on the benefits of VisionGraft, Dr. Grover and Dr. Panarelli will discuss surgical cases that highlight VisionGraft’s premium benefits and why VisionGraft is the only patch graft they’ll use.

In this webinar, they discuss:

  • The unique benefits that VisionGraft has to offer
  • Why they made the switch to using VisionGraft
  • Surgical applications beyond tube-shunt coverage

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Part Two – Advanced DMEK : A Roundtable Discussion on Complicated Cases

August 19, 2021

Our expert panel discuss their complicated cases and share the tips and pearls they learned along the way.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • When to do a DMEK in an eye with tubes and trabs
  • How to easily unscroll and orient the graft
  • What to do in a deep AC patient
  • When to choose to do a DSEK over DMEK

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Glaucoma Tube Shunt Coverage with VisionGraft

June 25, 2021

Dr. Panarelli leads an in-depth discussion with Drs. Khatana and Sidoti, on the benefits of VisionGraft in glaucoma tube shunt surgery, as well as share pearls on what to do when dealing with a difficult case.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why VisionGraft is the clear choice for patch grafts
  • The benefits VisionGraft has for your patients
  • Pearls on how to  handle tube revisions and erosion

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From Fellowship to Successful Practice

April 23, 2021

Join our panel of passionate next generation ophthalmology leaders as they discuss their experiences of starting and running their own practices.

The panel shares actionable advice and guidance for your developing career:

  • What they wish they knew when they first launched their careers
  • How to keep skills sharp during the pandemic
  • What non-medical skillsets do you need to develop
  • How can the industry support and encourage young ophthalmologists from Fellowship to Practice


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Advanced DMEK: A Roundtable Discussion on Complicated Cases

March 25, 2021

Dr. Nicole Fram, Dr. Elizabeth Yeu and Dr. Terry Kim lead an exceptional webinar on a few of their complex DMEK cases, offering pearls on what to do when running into a complicated eye.

In this webinar our panel covers:

  • Un-scrolling techniques
  • How to handle an unideal graft insertion and DMEK folds
  • Intra-op hemorrhages
  • Management of a floppy iris during DMEK surgery

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VisionGraft® The Clear Choice® For Patch Grafts

February 12, 2021

In this webinar, Dr. Panarelli and Dr. Do share:

  • Why VisionGraft is The Clear Choice® for glaucoma tube shunt coverage
  • How VisionGraft is engineered precisely to meet your clinical demands
  • The advantages for your patients
  • A unique case that shows applications for VisionGraft beyond patch grafts

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Keratoconus, A Refractive Surgery: A Paradigm Shift in Approach & Performance

February 5, 2021

In this webinar, world-renowned LASIK, cataract, corneal surgeon and pioneer of Corneoplastique, Arun C. Gulani, M.D., M.S. discusses the most up-to-date approaches to treating keratoconus.

You will walk away with the encouragement and confidence needed to address all levels of keratoconus patients.


Dr. Gulani discusses:

  • The “Refractive Mindset” approach to Keratoconus
  • Modern Therapy Options
  • Where ICI (Intacs Corneal Implants) fall in the treatment spectrum
  • Discussion of a full spectrum of case studies, from mild to severe, including surgical complication resolution

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